Monday, November 23, 2015

"Man Made Murder: Book One of the Blood Road Trilogy" by Z. Rider

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"Dean swept his gaze toward the ceiling. Exposed wires dangled from a fixture. An uneasy sensation prickled, but what was the worst that was going to happen-the biker robs and steals his guitar? That'd be a sight, the bike racing away with the beat up Sears special strapped to his back...."

This horror trilogy begins in Oct of 1978 with "Man Made Murder,"  a rock band where Dean Thibodeaux is their lead guitarist. Along with his fellow musicians Shawn, Jessie and Nick -the band is hoping to get away from their label. Dean figures they'll be dead before they ever see any royalties from their music. With the music scene floundering for them, Dean decides, after another annoying night doing a radio show, to find somewhere to score some weed. Coming upon some bikers, one leads Dean, now alone. to a place where things will never be the same again. I felt the anxiety in the pit of my stomach the minute I got to this scene early on in the book. It will hold you from the very first page without a doubt. I love a good scary story don't you?

Carl Delacroix has traveled across the country to New Hampshire, where Dean and the boys are currently on the road traveling to shows. He comes to the place he's looking for, the bar where the bikers known as the "Black Sun Riders" are at. This is where Carl plans to avenge his sister Sophie's death, as he believes one of these bikers is responsible.

Dean struggling to go on with his life after his bad night, gets on the tour bus with his buddies. Carl finds himself following the tour bus in search of a lead. While one is hunting a killer another is becoming something that everyone is going to be afraid of.

While Carl is in pursuit of the biker that killed his sister, the biker leads him straight to Dean. Not sure of the connection between the biker and Dean, he tries to observe Dean and locate the now unseen biker. Meanwhile Dean realizes that he can hear blood flowing through a person's body. He has no idea what that biker did to him that night, but he knows he is not well. Carl thinks maybe Dean has the answers to his questions,  but has no clue what the biker wants with Dean.

This story was scary from the beginning. A contemporary vampire adventure that is frightening from beginning until the end. The guys in this story are so frightened that you actually believe this story could be real. But, this is just the first part of the story.  There are some surprises and a few creepy heart stopping turns you won't expect. Carl needs to make plans. Take his life in a new direction. Maybe investigative journalism. Maybe investigate if vampires are real or not.  Will Dean and Carl finally meet and find out the truth or maybe the one night they do intersect it will change both their lives.

I like the way it ended and the way it set up for the next book. I've been reading a lot of vampire stories lately and have been pleasantly surprised that the concept has been developed into quite entertaining stories, including this one! I will definitely want to read the next two books in this series. Next up is "Dead to the World: Book Two of the Blood Road Trilogy"

"Maybe this was the last of them. Maybe they'd gotten Dean. He stared across the swaying reeds, all the way to the dark tangle of trees a hundred yards off. If Dean had gotten to those trees, he could be anywhere..."

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