Sunday, November 29, 2015

"Sleighed at Castle Rock: An Amelia Grace Mystery" by Anne Marie Stoddard

                                                               Sleighed at Castle Rock

                                                                      On sale December 3, 2015

 "We were hosting a Christmas-themed Battle of the Bands competition, and I was stuck catering to the needs of all the musicians, as well as our three celebrity judges. I use the term "celebrity" loosely. We'd booked a local radio personality, a popular local music blogger and critic, and the owner of one of the city's other rock venues....."

Bronwyn Sinclair is filling in while her boss, Amelia Grace, is out of town. She's trying to get a music festival up and running for a "Christmas in July" at their Castle Rock venue in Atlanta. They're having a Battle of The Bands competition when someone tries to take out a judge.

Bronwyn is strong willed and on top of things and is not about to let someone get away with messing things up. A couple surprises and some cute humor throughout.  Can she find out who, what and where in time to save the music festival and possibly the future of Castle Rock's business? You'll have to pick this one up and find out!

This is a holiday short story to go with the "Amelia Grace Rock n' Roll Mysteries"  that feature the Castle Rock venue. This is a standalone but would be fun to read the rest in the series. I really liked the tattooed, purple and pink haired, pierced characters featured here. They were fun and interesting.  Kick off your festivities with this entertaining Christmas story this holiday season!

Thank you to Gemma Halliday Publishing for the A.R.C.