Tuesday, December 15, 2015

" 4 Weeks To Live" by Don McGraw


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" My chosen work has brought suffering to our doorstep on two separate occasions, yet I continue along the same path. It's all I've ever known and it's my only means of providing for my family. I hold fast to the belief that time is the great healer-I pray that it can heal before all is lost...." Will Hogarth

Virginia Crowley has been dead for nine years. Her ex husband is convicted of throwing her off the 47th floor of her penthouse suite. Karl Dutton had every reason to kill her. She wasn't satisfied with her divorce settlement from him and threatened to expose his hidden millions. What better way to protect his money and get out of giving her another cent than by getting rid of her. What if he went to prison and wasn't guilty after all? What if he is guilty and willing to do whatever it takes to escape the death penalty? In four weeks he's scheduled to be executed unless he can change the course of his future and quickly.

Karl has hired a reluctant Will Hogarth, a former FBI agent. It is his last attempt to save himself. Can Will prove he's innocent? Is he? A past connection between the two doesn't make Will fond of Karl, or overly eager to prove him innocent. Being a firm believer in justice, Will is the kind of guy you can trust and the kind that Karl needs.

Will and his family are still dealing with the aftermath of an attack. A story from a previous book. Dealing with Karl is just one more thing Will doesn't want or need. Karl has something to trade though. If Will can help him he will track down the man who previously terrorized Will's family and put an end to the fear that still rules his home.  Someone from the past is actively plotting against Will and his family.  They may be on borrowed time. Can Will find the threat before it finds him?  

Will goes after the truth. Everyone involved in the case to begin with, including Karl's family, are suspects. I like Will's character and his reasoning skills. The methodical way he goes after this case, putting personal feelings where he needs to, makes Will the guy you want to help you if you need it. With his wife's help Will is doing everything he can to find out who is responsible, even if it leads back to Karl.  The intensity picks up as Will puts the pieces in place. I couldn't wait for it play out and read way into the night so I could find out. It is not just Karl's situation at hand, but the threat against Will and his family as it comes to a head.

Was Karl the only one with "4 Weeks To Live?"...maybe not.

Very easy to get involved in this book right away. Some very interesting twists as you go along will keep you turning the pages. This is the third book in the Will Hogarth series. Since I've not read the others I found these teasers to be very intriguing and makes me want to go see what the rest are about. I enjoy a book that has the ability to unexpectedly grab your attention and hold you to the last page. As a matter of fact, it would also make an excellent movie. 

Thank you Don McGraw."