Friday, December 18, 2015

"Angels Burning" by Tawni O'Dell


                             Angels Burning on sale January 5th 2016 on Amazon: click here!

"Once I'm outside, I take a deep breath away from the eyes and wonder what life was like for Camio as a member of this family. Zane said she was just like them whenever she was here, but she was a different person away from them. Surely this other person slipped out occasionally while she was inside this house. I understand her desire to leave. I had the same one.... "    Dove

The horrific murder of a teenage girl gives Chief of Police Carnahan a heavy responsibility to find out what happened to her. Dove Carnahan knows what its like to come from the kind of family the deceased girl , Camio Truly,  comes from. The family isn't taking the news as you'd expect. Perhaps their unsavory reputation prevents them from getting too friendly with the local police.

But Dove has secrets of her own. Her own mother was murdered 35 years before. The man held responsible is now back in town. Lucky was a family friend, and now  he's the man who reminds her of something she'd rather not think about. Dove's family is at odds. Champ contacts her and her sister Neely once a year but otherwise its Neely and Dove together to face their past.

A few twists and a jaw dropping surprise or two.  The pressure is definitely on. Can Dove put her past to rest? Can she help her family? Can she solve Camio's murder? Lots of potential suspects, but can Dove unravel it down to the real one? Suddenly tired of the way people are reacting, maybe its time  she takes them head on and gets the answers she needs. With the help of Nolan, a state trooper, and her own crew the story takes some very unique twists.

Well written characters. Dove has a flair for humor that makes you laugh out loud as she goes from one thing to the next. Her dealings  with most  people are quite amusing. Her interaction with 8 year old Derk Truly will leave you smiling. A steady drama that will have you wondering and guessing. I enjoyed it right from the start. I like that the protagonist is a woman. More often than not our crime stories usually carry a male in the leading role. Dove is someone I could come to like in a series. While the story is put to a rest and with a great ending, the people in this story are ones you'd like to know more about.

Thank you Netgalley and Gallery, Threshold, Pocket Books.