Tuesday, December 15, 2015

"Hannah's Heartache: A Master of Whitehall Novelette" by Rick H. Veal


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"She walked me over to a full length mirror and stood back while I examined myself. I almost couldn't believe what I saw looking back. I saw me of course, but I didn't look anything like the high school cheerleader that left Waycross Georgia last week. Instead I looked like a young woman from a big city. I almost couldn't believe how pretty I was now..not that I had been any kind of plain before..." Hannah

Georgia native Hannah Richards has her whole life in front of her.  Her life is going in so many great and wonderful places and she's excited for her future. As captain of her cheer leading squad she's off to Savannah for the state finals competition.
Only things don't go as planned. Hannah awakens to find herself in the care of Gale, an immortal. Without remembering even her own name she must now figure out how she got there along with what  happened to her. She appears different even to herself. Gale and her immortal family are there to provide the details and guide her into the unknown life ahead.  Not exactly thrilled or accepting what has happened will be a journey for Hannah to find peace with her new life.

This novelette was a lovely taste of the "Master of Whitehall" series. If only for a brief time, it was wonderful to step back into these books and the character's, There are 4 books in that wonderful immortal/vampire story. If you ever wanted to believe in vampires -this is your series. Mr. Veal is currently at work on the 5th in this saga. Your fans await!

Thank you Rick H. Veal