Friday, December 25, 2015

"Petrocelli" by John Rachel


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"Wait. He gently took her arm. " It's very simple, Christine. I just thought you should see where some of your young girls end up. " If incredulity were ice, then Christine instantly turned into a mountain size glacier. Her mouth dropped open as if she had been shot full of animal tranquilizer. Her eyes were as big as saucers, as her thoughts tossed about in the blizzard of disbelief and shock Roger's last statement had unleashed in her head."........

Lenny Petrocelli was living what he thought was the "good life" in the world of the gangsters. Someone has decided to set him up for a child trafficking and prostitution ring. Reeling him in against his wishes and better judgement. Based on actual stories regarding these kind of crimes. This author brings you a glimpse into this horror. He's well researched and well informed in this area, having traveled and gained information from areas of the world where this accepted behavior.

The story begins with his friends turning on him. Not who you're going to expect is in charge of this little raid on Lenny. You almost feel sorry for him. But Lenny isn't the only story here. Tale of corruption and greed in the selling of children. Foreign lands with evil people and evil intentions. Stealing and selling of the innocents.

Christine is in Thailand on a humanitarian meeting. She meets up with an old friend and gets a firsthand look at what happens to the young children in that country. It is his intention to show her what her humanitarian mission has done with the children she thought she helped. Shocking to say the least. Is this is what is really happening in our world? I don't doubt it after reading this book.

There were several of these kinds of stories. Taking place in various countries. This book ended up feeling like it was more a story on child trafficking rather than a story about Lenny. Lenny was kind of the back story to the real story. The real story being where these children come from and what happens to them. It's not a criticism though, you needed this other information to get a feel for the severity of the situation. All stories are actually brought together. This was an unusual book.

Gritty, dark, street like. Frightening because it's so realistic. Lenny reminds me of someone from the "Sopranos." It wasn't just a story. It was a lesson in what is happening in this world. Can Lenny find a way out of this mess? You'll have to read it and find out.

Thank you John Rachel