Thursday, January 28, 2016

"Final Departure" by Steve Pickens

                           "Final Departure" on sale on Amazon Feb. 15th 2016: click here!

"Susan Crane was something different though. Chris Aponte's murder had been marked by a stunning lack of evidence. There had been nothing to go on, little physical evidence, no suspects, and no obvious motive. With Susan Crane there seemed to be any number of suspects and plenty of motives, and he knew there had to have been tremendous amounts of evidence in that trunk, It was all being brushed under the braided rug. Why?......"

The story starts with Jake working on a ferry boat and returning home, waiting on his partner Sam to return from abroad. Taking place in Seattle, I like how the background is set up first. Describing Jake's job and his home with Sam. Their friends and the area they live in makes you feel like you may know them and the area. It always appeals to me when an author does a thorough and descriptive set up.

Turns out that a bad day for Jake and his co-workers is about to get worse, as a well known tabloid reporter is found dead. Locked in the trunk of her car on the ferry and shot in the head. Susan Crane's death is ruled a suicide, even though it's obvious it is not. What is going on here?

Memories of an unsolved past murder of a friend haunt Jake. Jake can't let it go even though Sam wishes he would. Together, with friends, they may figure out the real story. Their mutual friend Alex is keeping some things to himself as well. A nagging feeling is getting the best of Jake and he's determined to know more.

The problem with investigating Susan's life is inviting the interest of someone that might not like it. Danger lurks for all involved. Someone is following Jake and Sam. Can Jake  solve this crime himself, with the help of the people he knows he can trust? A steady paced story, interesting characters will keep you turning the pages.

A great mystery. I really enjoyed this story. Characters were well written. There was a fine balance of humor, mystery, friendships and relationships.

Thank you Netgalley and Bold Stroke Books