Monday, May 23, 2016

"All The Missing Girls" A Novel by Megan Miranda

"The official line: Corinne last existed to everyone who knew her just inside the entrance to the fair, and from there, she disappeared. But she didn't, really. There was more. A piece for each of us that we kept hidden away. For Daniel, she disappeared from outside the fair, behind the ticket booth. For Jackson, from the parking lot of the caverns. And for me, she faded to nothing from a curve of the winding road on the way back to Cooley Ridge. We were a town full of fear, searching for answers. But we were also a town full of liars."........................

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Ten years ago Nicolette's friend, Corinne, disappeared from their hometown of Cooley Ridge, North Carolina. Nicolette has returned to help care for her sick dad. The old group of friends included Nic's brother, Daniel, her boyfriend, Tyler, and Corinne's boyfriend, Jackson. They were all originally suspected in the disappearance, but it was never solved.

Now back in town it seems as if everyone has moved on. Then Tyler's new girlfriend, Annaleise, goes missing as well. Ten years apart? This has to be more than a coincidence. Telling this psychological thriller in a backwards story line, from the current day then jumping ahead 2 weeks and working its way back to the beginning. Not as confusing as it first sounds, and makes perfect sense as you're reading. Nic is trying to figure out what happened, and if the two cases are connected. As she goes, the truth comes spilling out. 

When you start looking into secrets and lies, sometimes what you find out is a little close to home. Can Nic save Annaleise? Can she figure out whatever happened to Corinne? This was a thriller not to be put down. The only way to know for sure what happened to Corinne and Annaleise is to read every page. Shocking twists and turns with people you only think should be trusted. How far would you go to protect someone you love?

Well written, with a unique storytelling technique. Characters that may not always be who you think they are. Filled with twists that will keep you hooked to the very shocking end. What a great book!

Thank you Megan Miranda, Netgalley, and Simon and Schuster Publishing.