Saturday, May 28, 2016

"Spider's Web" A Glenmore Park Mystery #1 (A Police Procedural Novel) by Michael Omer


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"Oh, God, he said. "Hang on, I need to check something." He got up and strode out of the squad room, his jaw clenched tight. As he walked, puzzle pieces snapped together in his brain, forming a clear and horrible image. He kicked himself for not noticing the connection earlier. Aliza and Tamay weren't the only ones.".............

Detective Mitchell Lonnie and his department have a serial killer on their hands. The victims are being warned of their impending deaths in a creepy way. Are the victims random? Are they connected by something in their lives? It's hard on everyone as the dead invade the thoughts of the police officers assigned to the case.

When Mitchell's sister becomes entangled it throws Mitchell off his game. Mitchell's personal life is in shambles. Detective Jacob Cooper has to continue on with or without Mitchell. With a team of police and investigators, the hunt is on. Can the FBI consultant help Mitchell?

With clues building and connections being made, it may be a matter of time before the killer is caught. Or will this be the time he gets away? 

Promises to be an interesting series. I'd love to read more about these characters. Very descriptive police procedural. Draws you into the book from the very first chapter. I always enjoy a good police/serial killer series. It can be unsettling reading something you know is probably true in the world somewhere. I see the author has at least two more in this series to soon follow. Looking forward to them. Great ending with a nice set up to make you want to read that next book.

Thank you Michael Omer.