Saturday, May 21, 2016

"We Are Death" DCI Jericho Book Two by Douglas Lindsay

"Haynes reached down, opened the envelope and took out the small tarot card. He'd been expecting another hanged man, like the ones that had dominated the previous investigation. This, however, was a death card. Death himself sitting on a black horse, bearing a white standard in his right hand, a curious emblem on the standard, riding through the fields of the dead, bodies strewn far and wide, too great in number to be counted. " Jesus," he said, as looked up at Jericho. "When did this come?"........

Detective Chief Inspector Robert Jericho is back in the 2nd book of this series. Having survived "The Hanged Man" serial killer in Book 1, Jericho still has unresolved heartache. Our story starts out in Wells, England, but before long the chase will spread out. The things that were in play in Book 1 take their place in this story. Will Jericho ever find out what happened to his missing wife, Amanda? Is someone still shadowing his life? There is a secret group at work in the background. Can he find out who they are and what it has to do with his life? Or perhaps they are so powerful that they will continue and the mystery will not be unraveled. 

When the murder of a man, just back from a mountain climbing trip, is connected to another one of the climbers, it will have Jericho taking a trip across Europe in search of the connection. With the help of his detective, Haynes, and a Swiss detective named Badstuber, Jericho tries to pick up the trail, while his past is quickly approaching him. Somewhere there will be a collision.  Why would five people connected by their mountain climbing trip suddenly start being executed. Can Jericho and his team find a connection? Is there one?

The tarot cards are back.  Together perhaps they can unravel what sinister plan is being played out on the five mountain climbers. Somehow it all connects to Jericho and his life. While Haynes tries to find the mystery of the delivered tarots, danger and death are fast approaching. 

A great mystery adventure. I think this book was better than the first in the series, although both had their creepy jaw dropping moments. The implied threat of these scary tarot cards is enough to keep you on edge as the story plays out. There is definitely room for a third book in this series. A stand alone with everything satisfyingly explained, you'd still not want to miss the first book in the series. Creepy and a bit haunting at the thought of what could be out there in the world. Something or someone could be more in control then perhaps we'd want to believe. I enjoy this police story, a bit different from your typical American crime and police novels. 

Thank you Douglas Lindsay, Netgalley and Blasted Heath Publishing.