Wednesday, September 2, 2015

12 by Platt and Wright

                                                            TWELVE HOURS 
                                                                                              TWELVE LIVES
                                                                                                                            WHO LIVES?
                                                                                                                                                      WHO DIES? 
In a time when this seems to be common, the residents of a small Florida town are going to face a gunman at its local favorite diner. Starting the story 12 hours before the shooting each chapter focuses on a different person who will find themselves in Goldman's Diner that night.  As you progress you see how their lives intersect and what brings them to that fateful place that day. With some very clever twists this story was hard to put down. There will be people you will love and some you will not. Surprises weave through their lives and these chapters bringing them together.
Well written and quite painful in a time when you can turn on the news and find that a gunman has taken over a public place or where bullies have taken revenge.  When you think the story is over please take the time to read the authors end notes.  While a work of fiction the feelings are not.  In 12 hours 12 lives will be held in the hands of this gunman. Who will live through the attack? Who will the heroes be? Can they pick up the pieces?  What do the last 12 hours of a person life look like? What would yours look like?
Thank you to Netgalley and Collective Inkwell for a copy to review. 
If you buy one book this month. I suggest it be this one. It will haunt you long after the last page. 

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