Tuesday, September 29, 2015

"A Reason To Live" by Matthew Iden


"But you were the only one in charge of the case, Marty," he said, stopping and jabbing a finger into my chest. "The rest of us got to stand by and watch it go down the tubes. A good woman died, a girl got orphaned, and we got watch Wheeler walk out with a smile on his face because you screwed up."

This is my first read of the five book series about Detective Marty Singer. Series, detectives, crime stories,  you're calling my name. In the late 1990's Marty was forced to watch a bad cop, Michael Wheeler,  get away with murder. Twelve years go by and Marty, now retired, gets a call for help. The  victim's daughter Amanda comes to Marty begging for his help. Someone is stalking her and she thinks its the guy who murdered her mother.

Amanda's need is giving Marty a new reason to go on since he's been battling cancer. Marty is going to help put this murderer where he belongs this time. Is the man who murdered Amanda's mother even the same guy who is now stalking her? Why would he wait twelve years to reappear?  So where has Michael been? Marty has his work cut out for him trying to uncover the truth. Maybe this time he can help Amanda find  justice for her mother. If his body can handle the pressure. 

He's going to need help though just in case he can't see it through. He hooks up with an old partner even though they're not on the best of terms. They agree to help Amanda anyway. Not everyone they encounter, including the murderers attorney, Julia Atwater, is willing to help them. Their adventure will eventually bring them around to where it all began. Filled with action and few twists and surprises you don't see coming. All of it leading it back to giving Marty "A Reason To Live."

Descriptive writing along with some dry humor and I know you'll enjoy this book. Look for Pierre the cat, and his cattitude. This is what I like to refer to as a "comfort book."  Its the kind of book you come home and put your comfy clothes on and curl up with. Its inviting and reminds me of the writing in Robert Parker's "Jesse Stone" series. 

I'm already hooked. Will be glad to read the next four books! Immediately in the first few pages I was drawn to the character of Marty Singer. He felt real and is a well in depth character.  I'm going to enjoy knowing him for five books. 

Thank you to Netgalley and Thomas and Mercer Publishing for a chance to read this series

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