Thursday, September 17, 2015

"Immortal Justice" by Faith V. Smith

  "Mortals lived in a world of fantasy, sin and hope. For those who cried out for help, it was Michael's job to do all he could to keep them safe until they made a choice of commitment to grace or not. A job that became harder and harder every millennium."

After the death of his family,  Darach has been chosen by the archangel Michael to become an immortal with a mission. Even though Darach would rather be reunited in death with his family he has been sent to destroy the demons and the evil mortals of the world, to become a seeker of justice. After decades of training Darach has been sent to modern day New Orleans and is seeking to prevent crimes and save souls if possible.  He's also looking for revenge for the demon Angus who killed him and his family.

Abby is trying to support her self after her grandmothers passing  by working in a club as a singer at night. Days are spent working in a school.  She is gifted with visions in a way that she is able to recognize the demons that roam New Orleans.  A fateful night brings Darach and Abby together.  To protect her, Michael orders Darach to stay by her side. Will they be able to resist each other even though Michael has ordered Darach to tend to business? There is an attraction that neither can deny.

Darach and his detective friend Sean are in search of Angus.  They must find him before Angus finds Darach and possibly Abbie. Filled with friendship and courtship, love and battles of demons that roam the streets.  Will Darach continue to walk the earth or will he be reunited in death with his beloved family? Will Abbie fit into this life of an immortal, or will she have to find another path without him?

This is not my usual genre but I was quickly drawn in. The author has the ability to write in a way that captures your attention and mesmerizes you. Fast paced so that you want to keep going to find out whats next. You know the kind of book you think you'll just read one more page? I found myself awake at 4am. I did look up the word "Highlander" because I was unfamiliar with this genre. Laugh if you must. That's what reading is about is it not? Learning new things. So I found out that Highlander means: a person from the Scottish Highlands. So that explains that accent as Darach spoke throughout the book!

What a great ending! I can't say more but I loved this story and I loved the way the last few pages made me feel about the entire book.

Thank you Faith V. Smith for this copy to read and giving me a chance to love a new book.