Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Protect and Serve: Soldiers, SEAL's and Cops

release date: September 14, 2015
"Now here I was, Officer Dane Briggs, working in the lake town of my childhood. It was kinda cool."                        
                      excerpt from " Uncertain Blue" by Jamie Lee Scott"

From former military service people to cops and detectives on the street this anthology covers our people in uniform and plain clothes. Men and women showing their desire to protect and serve the ones closest to them. Some romance tinged with crime and survival. Life changing choices fueled with action and criminals.

All the stories are well written. Not every story is my kind of reading but that's not to say you won't like it! I enjoyed some things I previously have shied away from. Take for example "Tea, Theft and Scones"  by Hildie McQueen. Does that sound like a group of little old ladies and a story to put you to sleep? You'll be surprised. It was a cute story with some hunky men and interesting if not nosy women. Love the dog in this story! Poor Fugly. Entertaining and amusing.

My favorite story was probably "Uncertain Blue" by Jamie Lee Scott. Officer Dane Briggs stumbles upon a child hood friend during a raid and things are about to change for everyone. Can a drug addicted woman turn her life around?  Is Officer Briggs going to risk everything to help her just because he knew her way back when? Another well written entertaining story in this anthology.

With 11 short stories or novellas to choose from be sure and read them all. The entire book overall was put together with a mix of authors who meshed quite well. Find out who is going to "Protect and Serve" with a dash of romance.