Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Release Me: (TAT A Rocker Romance 4 ) by Melanie Walker

                                            Release Me (TAT: A Rocker Romance Book 4)
      "I am lying in bed; thinking about all my mess up's where Tayla Livingston is concerned                                        when a phone call from my mother changed my life."..... Cal Dorian

As the 4th book in the rocker bad boy romance series "Release Me" certainly holds strong. Each book details the life of the band members and the women who surround them. With tattooed bad boys you will love in book 1 and ones you can't live without by book 4. Love, loss and rock and roll. Book 4 details the current life of Cal Dorian, drummer for the band Thick as Thieves. Cal is going to get some heart stopping news and either turn it around or lose it all. 

This is one of my favorite book series ever. Rock and roll stars lives before and  during the fame. Tattoo artists on the side and women left and right. The only fault I have with the initial Kindle release is there were a few misspelling and typo's. The story line is so strong you probably will barely notice a fault. Not a stand alone book. Start with the first in the series "Trust Me" and then move on to "Forgive Me." Book 3 is titled "Save Me" and is a novella as an edition and prelude to this book "Release Me." Author Melanie Walker is currently working on the next in the series. 

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