Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Thursdays Feature Author: Faith V. Smith

Meet this week's featured author: Faith V. Smith:

Faith started out as an author but has worked many sides of the industry. From writing to reviewing to editing and marketing to working on the "Wild Rose Press" staff. Faith has written reviews at "Bridges Magazine," "," (where we met!)  and more recently "Romantic Times Book Reviews."  She is also a community leader on the "Romance Board" at

I am currently reading her work titled "Immortal Justice" and I think you'll be interested in picking this one up. Faith described it to me as a "paranormal romance with a immortal highlander"  and that caught my attention. Take a look!
                                          Immortal Justice on Amazon: Click here!


                                                          Review coming soon!

On a personal note I've had the pleasure of actually meeting Faith in person. It was by sheer accident when she recognized me in a Dr.'s office. We worked online together at over a period of many years. In my travels I ended up moving to the same town as Faith! Imagine both our surprise. I'm glad that we met. She is truly a nice woman. I think you will thoroughly enjoy her work. I'm only too happy to share her with others and hope that you'll come to fall in love with her books.  Did someone say words like vampires, paranormal, highlander, time travel? ... then there is something for you sugared with romance. 

                                                                                                   Visit Faith V. Smith's Blog: click here!

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