Friday, September 25, 2015

"Triple Threat" by Bella Jeanisse

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"I had to find away to tell him, before it was too late. He made me lose all my confidence, as if I weren't good enough for him. I knew it wasn't his doing. It was all me, but I had never been afraid to at least tell someone I liked them."    Crystal: from Triple Threat -Book One

Book One- Triple Threat:
This is a three story series featuring Crystal and her band mates Chad and Giovanni. There are other various band members and friends that come into play throughout. Triple Threat is the name of their band. In the first story Crystal has been friends with Chad since childhood. Chad loves Crystal but Crystal loves Giovanni. She thinks she can pull off a friends with benefits relationship with Chad. She knows she doesn't love Chad like she loves Giovanni. 

The story is set with a mix of her love life and the gigs they play in a band called Triple Threat. Crystal isn't going to get what she wants because everyone thinks that Chad is her boyfriend. Guys are crawling over each other to try to get to Crystal. Seems like real life where we want the one who doesn't want us. Its probably happened to all of us in our young life at one point. 

Lying about who you're having sex with when its more than one and they all know each other is likely going to lead to some awkward encounters. Crystal! What are you thinking? She's going to have to make up her mind though and steer things in the direction her heart wants her to.Then a brutal attacks changes everything. 

Book Two- " Rubbed Raw" features Crystal picking up the pieces of her life after the attack. Her relationships are changing.  The friends who love her are doing everything they can to get her the help she needs. Suffering from post traumatic stress after the attack is ruling her life at this point. Can Giovanni and Chad get her the help she needs? Hopefully in time as they are getting ready to record their first album. Their careers in the rock and roll world are taking off. 

A surprise gesture by their fans helps Crystal begin to heal and take control of her life. Unfortunately too late to stop all the men in her life from colliding and the consequences catching up to her and them. I did feel at some point that the men in her life tend to take advantage of her. Resorting to sex while she was asleep was a little over the top for me. They didn't respect her boundaries and I don't think she had a lot most of the time. At least let her be awake. 

Book Three: "Reckless" This is the story of their lives before the Triple Threat band. The author is influenced by a lot of cool rock bands and is well versed in music, motorcycles and erotica. 
"Reckless" features Crystal and Chad before their 18th birthdays and before the band Triple Threat is started and is still known as Reckless. It focuses on their relationship and how they came to be best friends. The story is before they decided to have sex. It was shorter then the others but kind of wrapped them and the other two stories together. Gave you a better feel for who Crystal and Chad are. 

It was a fun read. A lot of sex to be honest. A lot. Still a good story line. The writer knows her music and her lifestyle narration. Crystal is too hot for her own good. It gets her into trouble. More than once. Her attack though at the end of book one was well written and did not make Crystal into a person who deserved to be attacked because of her casual lifestyle. I did like that about this authors approach of this situation. 

I like the way this was written. I was attracted to her characters and the story line. A writer is gifted when you are drawn in and feel something for the characters. If you are affected by them or question things going on the writer has done an amazing job with her work. You don't have to agree with the way things are written you just have to be moved by the material in front of you. If the author makes you feel things you've found the right book. 

Thank you Bella Jeanisse for a chance to read and review your work! 

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